How it all Started

I suppose have been writing all my life. I loved to write stories at school, then moved on to scientific writing during my education and then in my career as a government scientist. I was involved in writing various books and pamphlets that were published during my career. Of course, all the nuts and bolts of editing, formatting, publication and distribution were taken care of by the organisations that employed me.

When I was presented with an opportunity to move into full-time writing, I seized it eagerly.

I started out with a topic close to my heart, a vegan cookbook, ‘Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!’ which I have been told many times by restaurants and other people. As you will know if you’re a vegan, it’s not true and I set out to prove that you can have a healthy diet and still be a vegan.

I then tried to get a publisher interested. Hah! Then, I found out what publishing is really like for an unpublished author in a new genre. A very frustrating process. Nobody was interested in an unknown cookbook author, not only that, but in  a minority-diet genre.

So, I discovered that there was such a thing as Self-publishing. More to come soon, watch this space.


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